Friday, April 16, 2010

My first Strongman competition

(8)August 16 2008 I competed in my first Strongman competition. It was the first time I have ever touched Strongman implements or have done "Events" as it is commonly called.It was the Pyramid Strongman Showdown,at Rahway Jersey. I was 19 years old at the time, weighed around 255 but tried to gain weight for the Men's Heavyweight Open (232lbs+) I weighed in at 260lbs and I placed 4/5 in the heavyweights as the youngest and lightest competitor in the class.


250lbs Log Press for reps: Power curled it to my chestx3 no Press,couldn't breathe with it on my chest. Definitely more challenging than a barbell. Didn't help the sun was right in my eyes and made the log hot as hell. METAL BURNS.

Car Deadlift
Not sure how much the car weighed but I know there was an extra 290lbs weight stack that made it fell really damn heavy. I did a grueling 7 reps for this.My best event.

Medley(farmers walk tire flip anchor pull)
250lbs farmers(each hand) 30ft took a bad grip on the handles since I had never done it before, felt awkward, unbalanced,I kept setting it down trying to re-grip it, but just ended up completely tearing off 2 callous' on my left hand and messing up my right. I couldn't finish the rest.

Carry(300lbs tree)
I carried it 150 feet, and when I tried to turn my grip slipped I tried to re grip to no avail, my hands were all duct taped and I was feeling the effects of the car dead lift and farmers.

I did a 220 in warm up my first time ever doing it, felt good. The 240 went up pretty well, tacky helped a lot since my hands were busted and all taped up, the 270 went up as well, but I couldn't budge the 300. Not bad in my own opinion for never touching the stuff.

Learned a lot of valuable lessons, I was slacking over the summer,after this event I was motivated.It began, the Epic of Gilgamesh.

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