Friday, April 16, 2010

My Second Strongman Competition

My 2nd Strongman Competition, took place in New Brunswick,Raidier Robotix October 11th 2008 I came in 2nd,in heavyweights, there was a very low turn out of competitors,so everything was last man standing.*All weights for the events were raising bar*(weights keep adding up until everyone but one is eliminated.

EVENTS Log Press(180lbs/200lbs/220lbs) Ahh my old enemy.I trained with some guys in long island 2 weeks before and hit 230lbs on the log \second time ever touching it. This would be the 3rd time with the log.180 went up easy,strict pressed it.200 I tried to use my legs but it felt uncomfortable balancing it so i just strict pressed it up, same with the 220. The 240 I had an atrocious clean, or what i call it the cheat curl, burned out had nothing for the push. If i could just get some practice in....

Tire flip 10 flips I think it was 650-700lbs tire but I don't remember, my first 5 flips were kinda slow but smooth, once I hit my 8th flip tho I was burned out and just deadlifted the tire to my knees, curled it, reverse pressed and ran into it for the final 2 flips to finish.

18 inch deadlift (405,495,545,585,635,675lbs 725lbs miss The first 3 lifts were too easy for me,585 went up no struggle, 635 felt kinda heavy, 675 made me grunt really loud but I forced it up. I hitched up 725 way up but before I could roll back my shoulders and lock out my DAMN SKIN BROKE.Sound familiar? Callous' flew off the left hand this time. Just taped up but didn't feel compelled to try, technically after the 585lbs which my competition missed and I didn't have to lift anymore, but I wanted to keep pushing on since it was my best event.

Yoke Farmers Medley
700lb yolk I carried it 30-45ft. 2nd time trying the yolk and I hate it to death.I was glad I didn't have to do the farmers since they were 250 and I wanted the last bit of skin on my hands to stay there.

270lb stone over bar for reps.
With my duct taped hands, and already bruised forearms I pulled the stone off once and immediately dropped it. Overall I was glad just to compete,there was an extra event.The finale had the robot challenge, which was holding an underwater robot with their arms straight in front of them and parallel to the ground.The leading time was 15 seconds, I had stepped up and held it for 30 something seconds with my crappy hold due to taped hands but the next guy held it 2 seconds longer then me and someone about 1-2 seconds longer then him.

Sorry no pictures, the video is on an old camcorder. One day I will convert it to the internet, and maybe even still the vid for pictures. Well there is one picture actually :

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  1. Congrats on the 315. Who's the guy in the picture abotu to kill you?