Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday March 27 2010 Squats and Deadlifts

Saturday March 27 2010 Squats and Deadlifts
345x3*felt uncomfortable I am way too wide for the pl rack so switched to the mono lift.
345x1x2* had to re-warm up by the time I set up the weights, bar, safety's etc...
395x1x2* Had to use rehband/taper belt combo, not set right
435x3! PR*Sucked it all up and just smashes, cut these reps a little high due to the chains/spud safety's and not being used to the combo belts

495x2*double belt wasn't cutting it
495x1*Found a "loner" belt from the lost and found, had to adjust it but it worked better then my tapered belt.
555x3PR!Struggled to get comfortable, screamed like a madman, hitched my last rep but I DON"T CARE!!!!

SFW! End of March Training

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