Monday, November 16, 2009

Midnight Rant

It just seems like the harder I try to stand up on my own two feet, the harder I seem to fall. Friends and Family abandon me every time I turn my back. What kind of life is this? Everyone want's me to nurture them, accustom to them, adapt to them. Fulfill there needs! FUCK THEM! What about my needs? I am too strong and too educated to put up with such fucking bullshit. Everyone wants a favor then when it comes there turn to repay they come up empty handed. Whatever, I am done on relying on the cold heart-ed shoulders of others. Every day I grow older, wiser, stronger, and angrier then the next, more independent and less concerned for those who would not even help me in my time of need.

In a world where everyone cares about themselves, here is one less individual who can give a flying fuck about the next guy. That's right, just watch me assimilate into generation me me me, and laugh as your faces turn in disgust. So quick to judge, so quick to cast the first stone, all in futile attempts to shatter the mirror that has shone upon you. Every backlash at me is just another try to block out your own reflection. Yes wallow in squalor in the view of the wretched distortions you all have become. Look into my eyes and see what you truly hate more then anything else in the world, YOURSELVES.

Day in and day out, I feed my body and mind. Nurturing both brain and brawn, while you wild animals neglect your temples. Rotting from the inside out, depending on cheap foundations designed only to crumble at the mere sight of an unstoppable force. And so you ask yourself, what immovable object can save you and protect you from the wrath of the storm? What can be so steadfast, that is can endure the sheer brute onslaught that threatens its very existence? What is it that you all hold so near and dear, in dire hopes to stop this rampaging juggernaut from smashing you into oblivion?

A mirror, pointed at my very direction, glaring into my eyes, like a beam of blinding light piercing into my soul, illuminating my way, unclouded my tunnel vision moves me forward, charging in your direction. And you can only ask yourself,why do I not change course, or hesitate in my follies, why do I persist to remain berserk and give you no leeway, no air to breathe, no space to move? Why you ask, is you magic mirror not working? SIMPLE. I SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU!

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