Friday, November 6, 2009

Basics of weight training...Know your goals...

Here is a recent post I did on the basics of weight training.

"Know your body, state your goals and stay true to yourself.Learn what you need to achieve your goals and don't be naive about it either.

If you want to be a bodybuilder then you better learn about the different phases of bulking on off season, cutting for on season, how to target each muscle,and develop symmetry.If you are just training for a 6 pack of abs, swole biceps and a nice chest, starve yourself, run for hours on end and keep whacking off instead of going to the gym and taking up my power rack to cheat curl more then you squat, I am sure its working for you. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE.

If you want to be a power-lifter chest flyes are not part of your routine, especially not for shaping, maybe rehab...maybe.

If you want to be a Strongman you better be strong first. Don't complain your back hurts when you try to lift a 200lbs stone when you can't even deadlift that much to begin with. You should know what a deadlift is, and know that your back should not be upright unless you lift sumo. Strong lifters know whatever keeps your lower back from rounding is all that matters, you want your upper back and legs to lift the weight, so you lower back doesnt have too.

I can go on and on and on so I will Keep It Simple & Short (the kiss method)

In all seriousness take the time out to educate your self on the basic aspects of lifting. Proper training specific to your goals. Proper nutrition specific to your goals. Proper programing for everything you do. 4-6 weeks is usually enough time to start a cycle for training before one should re evaluate their goals. Lifting is a LIFESTYLE not a hobby,if you think different you haven't been bitten by the iron bug yet."

Kept it short and simple.

Strong man
training tomorrow, will have a nice video of this weeks lifting uploaded here by Sunday.

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